Toy rattle

Treatise 11 April 2022

Category :

Children's toys

Product Name :

Kinder Spielzeug Schlüssel Ring Kette Schlüsselbund für Puppenhaus

Product Code :

57020111, STK0157020111

Category :


Supplier Name :


Status :

Item for sale is strictly prohibited.

Product type :

Foreign country

Remark/Danger :

The product does not comply with the requirements of the Toy Safety Directive and with the European standard EN 71-1.

Product Location :


Dangers found :

The sound pressure level is too high (measured value up to: 118.6 dB). This could lead to partial loss of hearing, when the product is used. Furthermore, the toy releases small parts; a child may put them in the mouth and choke. The protruding shape of the toy keys is not compliant for children unable to sit unaided; they could lose balance and choke or suffer injuries. Finally, the plastic foil bag is too thin and poses a suffocation risk.

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